Musica Aeterna
MAGYAR HÍRLAP / 19. 9. 2007 / Komlozsi László
The leader of the ensemble Peter Zajíček formed one of the best ensembles of old music in the central Europe in such a way, and even though I should not take the liberty to say this because I am not the most competent one, that the result of his work is an ensemble which is a valuable partner of the most notable soloists.
There was something in the Zajíček’s and Doboza‘s play that only Central European musicians can put into their play – a taste of a subtle relinquishment, motionless desire, and something more that is substantiated by gained experience in this field – moderate joy.
HUDOBNÝ ŽIVOT 7-8 / 2007 Ročník XXXIX / Lýdia Urbančíková
(Musical life 7-8, 2007 / volume XXXIX / Lýdia Urbančíková)

Chamber music at Košická hudobná jar (Košice Music Spring Festival)

… performance of the musicians was admirable. In the opening Buxtehude‘s Sonata for two violins, viola da gamba and basso continuo seven contrast parts brought style virtuosity, adequate changes in expression, dynamics and tempo.
Interpreters playing on contemporary music instruments brought beauty and originality to the festival.
LEIPZIGER VOLKZEITUNG / 30. 5. 2006 / Peter Korfmacher
From Bach to Mozart through Bratislava.

... they are passing the motives among each other, they let the pulse of this olympic entertaining music to enter legs and thighs. Suddenly the space does not seem to be too large for old musical instruments and a small line-up. And an elastic gentleness, virtuosity and spontaneity...
EL MUNDO / Domingo 29. de Octubre de 2000 / Jesus S. Villasol

Julius Caesar
Desires and proportions.
An extraordinary orchestra with original musical instruments from Bratislava provides a solid musical background, which is attractive itself. Simply indescribable experience.
Review of CD
HARMONIE 6 / 2006 / Jana Perutková
review CD H 10001 / Anton Zimmermann Symphonies

Less observant listeners, who would overlook a small title ”live recording” on the booklet, would be surely surprised by applause at the end of the CD. Not many would expect that such an interpreter quality could be achieved on live! The orchestra plays on an excellent technical level; interpretation has cadence, zip and wit...
DIAPASON février 2002 / Gaetan Naulleau
review CD Naxos 8.555096 / Georg Muffat Concerti Grossi Nos. 1 – 6

... Slovak musicians, all technically perfect, make us to admire the rhythmic energy and fiery sounding, which sometimes even borders with rusticity. These rapid attacks, these smitten fanfares, this conquering floridity far from harming Muffat, provide him with present times feeling and urgency with which we meet only rarely in this repertoire.
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